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Life Story Of Akshay Kumar:Childhood,Study,Awards,Struggle | Akshay Kumar Biography

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Sushant Singh Rajput Biography: Unknow Face To Bollywood Superstar | Sushant Singh Rajput Family,Career,Girlfriend,Struggle,TV Shows,Movies

From Television Star To Bollywood Super Star Sushant Singh Rajput's Journey Sushant Singh Rajput An Multi-Talented Guy Who Left Us Alone On 14th June 2020 By Commiting Sucide Here Is Life Story Of This Legend Sushant Singh Rajput Born On 21 January 1986 In Patna,Bihar Sushant's Father Name Is Krishna Kumar Singh And Mother's Name Is Usha Singh. Sushant's Mother Left This World In 2002  Which Led Sushant Stunned. The Bond Between Sushant And His Mother Was Lovely. After Mother's Death Sushant Was Left In Tears. Sushant Left His Schooling From St.Karen's High School,Patna After His Mom's Death His Family Shiftted To Delhi Where He Continued His High School In Kulachi Hansraj Model School,New Delhi. Sushant Was Always A Bright Student In Studies Sushant Singh Rajput Completed His Gradution In Delhi College Of Engineering. Sushant Singh Rajput Ranked 7th In DCE Entrace Exam In Whole India

Sucess Story Of CarryMinati : Biggest Youtuber Of India | Carryminati Biography

Ajey Nagar Aka CarryMinati Is The Biggest Youtuber In India With Around 21.5 Million Subscribers. In Today's Date Carryminati Is One Of The Biggest Indian Celebrity. Do You Know What Is The Age Of Ajey? Well This Year June 12  Carry Will Be 21 Year Old. Surprised?   Me Too? He Is Just 21 year Old And Acheived Huge Sucess. Well Every Sucess Is Result Of HardWork,Confidence,Patience and So On. Here Is The Life Story Of This Legend From Zero To Hero: Ajey Nagar Aka Carryminati Was Born On 12 June 1999  in Faridabad,Haryana In A Gujjar Family. Carryminati Spend His School Life In Delhi Public School. Since Age 10. Ajey Was Attract To Youtube. Since Childhood He Dream Of Becoming A Youtuber At Age Of  11 Carry Created His First Youtube Channel Named Stealth Fearz Where He Used To Upload Football Tutorials And Game Play. But He Didn't Received A Good Response From There May Be Because Of His Age People haven't Focused On Him. After That He Created His 2nd Youtube Channel Naming A

Success Story Of Jeff Bezos: World's Richest Person | Jeff Bezos Biography

This Is The Sucess Story Of The Owner Of World's Biggest Online Market   And World's Richest Person   Jeff Bezos Let's Get Started Jeff Bezos Was Born On 12th January 1964 In Albuquerque,New Mexico-United States Jeff Bezos Real Name Is: Jeffery Preston Jorgensen Father Jorgensen Left Jeff's Mother Jacklyn When Jeff Was Just 4 years old Then Till Last 4 Years Jeff 's Mother Alone Took Care Of Jeff In April 1968 Mother Jacklyn Married :  Miguel "Mike" Bezos From This Jeff's Name Was Changed To Jeff Bezos Mike & Jacklyn Shiffted To Houstan , Texas After Marriage   Jeff's Complete His High School From : Polmetto High School Since Childhood Bezos Was Good At Studies And Addicted To Reading He Was Always Curious To Question He Used To Deassemble Things To Know How It Works  1988 Jeff Complete His Graduation From Princeton University, New Jersey Then Jeff Joined Technology Based Company Fitel In 1988 Jeff Become Product Manager At Bankers T